The Shannon Twins have posed on the cover of Playboy together, along with many other naked photo shoots as a pair. They are reportedly having sex with Hugh Hefner.
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The Shannon Twins appeared together on the Playboy cover in April 2008. They also appear together in bed with Hugh Hefner sometimes.
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Here's a tease of what Hugh Hefner sees every night: Kristina and Karissa Shannon nude. The 19-year old twins are the latest in Hef's long line of Playboy models turned girlfriends.
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The Shannon Twins were arrested for possible aggravated battery in January 2008. Here's their mug shot, courtesy of the Pinellas, Florida .County Sheriff's Department
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Karissa and Kristina Shannon Photo have everything they ever wanted: fame. The 19-year old twins are dating Hugh Hefner and making headlines because of it.
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Here is what Playboy founder Hugh Hefner goes home to every night: Karissa and Kristina Shannon nude. Life is pretty good for that 82-year old CEO, isn't it?
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Say hello to Karissa and Kristina Shannon. They are reportedly the two new girlfriends of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Dude doees rather well for himself.
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According to reports, Karissa and Kristina Shannon are the new <a href="">girlfriends of Hugh Hefner</a>. The twins are reportedly already living at the Playboy Mansion.
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The Shannon Twins are dating Hugh Hefner. Their individual names are Karissa and Kristina Shannon, but does anyone really care? The... More »
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