They're sisters! That makes this kind of gross, but we dig!
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We didn't expect The Shannon Twins to show up at the Paper Magazine and H&M Fashion Against AIDS Collection event. But this is a shot of Karissa and Kristina.
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According to reports, Karissa and Kristina Shannon are the new <a href="">girlfriends of Hugh Hefner</a>. The twins are reportedly already living at the Playboy Mansion.
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Karissa and Kristina Shannon celebrate their 21st birthdays. We have no clue which is which either.
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Kristina and Karissa Shannon turn 21. What a couple of stunners ... not.
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Yup? Still there. Good thing you checked the ladies' status in front of us, Karissa Shannon!
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Here is what Playboy founder Hugh Hefner goes home to every night: Karissa and Kristina Shannon nude. Life is pretty good for that 82-year old CEO, isn't it?
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Here's a shocking development: Karissa and Kristina Shannon pose in the July/August 2009 issue of Playboy. Somehow, they are not naked.
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