The Jonas Brothers are happy to help the victims in Haiti. They play a role in the "We Are the World" remake.
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Two out of three ain't bad. 66.6% of The Jonas Brothers play for fans in Los Angeles in this photograph.
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As fans look on and cheer, The Jonas Brothers rock out in Los Angeles. Which of these siblings is your favorite?
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Thanks to a reader, this is a photo of The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in concert. A THG fan sent this to us, via Twitter.
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The Jonas Brothers wave to a group of fans in New York City. They're on their way to an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.
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The Jonas Brothers cover Out in this photo. Inside the magazine, they address rumors about their sexuality.
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Something is wrong with The Jonas Brothers. The band canceled its fall tour due to what a spokesman described as a "rift."
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Feel free to drool, ladies. The Jonas Brothers pose here before a throng of fans.
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At Their Premiere
The Jonas Brothers are a new pop band being pushed hard by Disney. The group consists of Kevin, Joseph and Nick. We needn't tell you... More »
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