The Game is not messing around. This is someone who is clearly a fan of tattoos.
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In this wonderful addition to our celebrity mug shots club, rapper The Game, a.k.a. Joceyon Taylor, looks even more the douche he normally is. Way to go, Game!
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Khloe Kardashian is partying with The Game in this photo. Take that, Lamar Odom!
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The Game is all about the street, yo! So says this stomach tattoo on the rapper.
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The Game is speaking out against what he deems a terrible injustice - a ban on sagging pants in the state of N.J.
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The Game as a kid, when the only game he ruled was Chutes & Ladders (or something).
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The Game was set to marry Tiffney Cambridge... until he suddenly called off the wedding in July 2012, that is.
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The Game is straight up chilling in this Instagram photo. He's smoking in the studio, which is probably typical for him.
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The Game appears here as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show. We really hate her as a talk show host.
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