Taylor Momsen is nude for the Pretty Reckless' Going to Hell cover. Pretty much what you'd expect at this point.
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Taylor Momsen in Maxim, November 2013, showing off some serious cleave.
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Taylor Momsen in Maxim, November 2013, wearing no pants and flipping off the camera.
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Taylor Momsen is topless and promoting her new tour for The Pretty Reckless.
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Hey, most times she flashes a lot more than this!
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Taylor Momsen just turned 18. What a relief for those who enjoy ogling her bare breasts in concert.
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Taylor Momsen in Maxim magazine. She is a full-blown hottie. Sort of.
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Taylor Momsen in Maxim, November 2013. She is pretty and reckless.
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Yes, tastefully covered up, but it is what it is. Taylor Momsen topless in concert. She clearly wanted to show off her assets, this is no paparazzi violation of her.
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* - maybe. Really we can't tell because we weren't there. The picture sure looks like it though!
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Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl is cute. She is also 15, so quit gawking, you jerks.
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Taylor Momsen in concert. It's a sight to behold.
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Taylor Momsen Biography

Taylor Momsen Image Taylor Momsen is a cute young actress who stars on the hit series Gossip Girl. Before Gossip Girl, she didn't do much - Taylor Momsen is... More »
Potomac, Maryland
Full Name
Taylor Michel Momsen