Tara Reid poses in a bikini on the beach, and lo and behold, she looks amazing.
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Would you go there? Come on, you can admit it. Tara Reid at least used to be sort of hot.
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Did Tara Reid photoshop her body to a hilarious degree in this bikini pic?
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Tara Reid hearts the sand. And we are kind of hearting this bikini photo of Tara Reid!
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Tara Reid posted a nude selfie to Instagram to celebrate the new year. The amazing part is, she actually looks great!
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Tara Reid in a bikini in the sea. Actually looking kind of good for Tara Reid too.
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Julien Jarmoune is a French fashion executive with really, really bad taste in women. He's reportedly engaged to Tara Reid.
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Tara Reid's boobs. How does one decide between real and fake? Brutal.
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Who wouldn't wanna see Tara Reid topless in Playboy?!? The actress fulfills the desires of every guy with bad taste in the January/February 2010 edition of the magazine.
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Yuck! Playboy has clearly lost its mind, as its still think people find Tara Reid hot.
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Here's one of our favorite pictures of Tara Reid.
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Tara Reid used to be kind of cute. Now she's kind of a train wreck and an annoying skank. See exhibit A here.
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Tara Reid Biography

Tara Reid Photo Tara Reid is an awful actress who likes getting boob jobs. We almost feel sorry for her. Reid guest starred on Scrubs for a few episodes... More »
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Tara Reid