Usher poses in this picture alongside Tameka Foster. Also included: Kyle Glover, who has been left brain dead by a jet skiing accident.
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There was a time when Usher and Tameka Foster were one very happy couple. That time was awhile ago.
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Tameka Raymond appears here on Good Morning America. She explains her side to the custody battle with Usher.
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This is an old photo of Usher and Tameka Foster. The couple was happily married for a couple years at least.
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Tameka Raymond posted this photo to Instagram. In it, she's embracing her son at the hospital.
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Tameka Foster and Usher are quite the pair. Or at least were. They're kind of no longer together.
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Tameka Foster opens up about Usher in this Entertainment Tonight exclusive. She says she is not a gold digger.
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Tameka Foster and Usher were a seemingly happy couple. But their marriage didn't last very long.
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Tameka Foster Biography

Divorced Duo
Tameka Foster is the wife of Usher. She's also the mother of two of his children - and the enemy of most Usher fans. They don't think... More »
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Tameka Foster