Katie Holmes shared an Instagram of herself on set with daughter Suri Cruise
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A split image of Suri Cruise with her mother on set, and her father, Tom at an awards ceremony.
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In Touch features an absolutely absurd claim from Suri Cruise on its new cover. As if they know whether she wants to live with daddy.
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Suri Cruise has been abandoned by her dad. At least according to this publication.
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Tom Cruise with daughter Suri. A tender moment.
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Suri Cruise and mom Katie Holmes out and about. Looking happy.
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Now that is cute stuff. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are one of the best celebrity mother-daughter combos.
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They match! Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes sure look cute together. It's not as if they don't match every damn day but the orange dresses are a particularly good example.
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Turns out Suri Cruise isn't the new face of Baby Gap after all. But that sure is a cute face, still. Wow.
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Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise sure make a sweet pair. Father and daughter combo of the year - every year! Woohoo!
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Suri Cruise is a cutie. Must have gotten her good looks from some kind of alien DNA. Her mom's not looking too fly these days.
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You gotta love Suri Cruise and Maddox Jolie-Pitt together on one bad magazine cover. Nice work with the photo editing software, Radar.
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Suri Cruise Biography

Suri Cruise: NOT Baby Gap Model
Yes, Suri Cruise exists. And sort of looks Asian! It wasn't a guarantee that the daughter of Tom Cruise was even real for awhile. Before... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Suri Cruise