Sofia Vergara matches the Emmy red carpet in this photo. She has enormous boobs.
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Sofia Vergara in a bikini? What a great photo from Shape!
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Sofia Vergara leaves very little to the imagination in this GQ photo. In a word: DIZZZAMN!
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Sofia Vergara is definitely naked in this photo. She's covered up, yes, but she isn't wearing any clothing!
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Sofia Vergara in a thong bikini. That is one hot image right there. For Nick Loeb
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Sofia Vergara and her sizable cleavage cover this issue of GQ Mexico. The actress is not shying about showing off her assets.
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Sofia Vergara at the 2012 SAG Awards. Not an unattractive female by any means.
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Sofia Vergara stars in Modern Family. Based on this photo, it's not hard to also see how she stars in the fantasies of many men.
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