Simon Cowell makes American Idol for us. If he left, millions of viewers might follow him out the door.
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No way Simon Cowell would give the thumbs up to a record deal with Robert Pattinson, would he? That's the rumor.
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Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell are having a baby! Who saw that coming?
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Simon Cowell does not mince words. It's why we love him.
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Simon Cowell is not gay. But if you think he is, the music producer really could not care less.
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Simon Cowell throws his hands up in this interview. He has not found success with The X Factor in America.
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Simon Cowell is doing a baby with a lady by the name of Lauren Silverman.
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Simon Cowell smirks a little as he attempts to avoid a crush of photogs.
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Simon Cowell Biography

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Simon Cowell is our favorite American Idol judge. He's sometimes mean, but always honest and entertaining. He also knows how to put Paula... More »
Simon Phillip Cowell
Full Name
Brighton, East Sussex, England

Simon Cowell Quotes

It was a little bit like Chihuahua trying to be a tiger.

Simon Cowell [following David Archuleta's attempt to sing a Chris Brown song]

I’d pack your suitcase.

Simon Cowell [to Jason Castro, after the former sung "I Shot the Sheriff"]