Serena Williams snaps a selfie of her butt in this photo. That's known in the business as a Belfie.
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Serena Williams is in some hot water, but is denying making controversial comments in Rolling Stone.
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Serena Williams shows off her body in this photo and makes it clear that all haters are total morons.
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Serena Williams showed off her assets at the 2011 ESPY Awards. We're thinking of two in particular.
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Serena Williams failed to capture the Grand Slam in 2015. She was upset in the U.S. Open semifinals.
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Serena Williams is playing wedding crasher in this Instagram pic. She happened upon this couple in Miami.
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Serena Williams beat her big sister Venus Williams at Wimbledon.
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Serena Williams called up Kim Kardashian for dinner last night. Later today, Serena will face of against her sister in the US Open.
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Serena Williams on the red carpet. She does her best work on the court, but the girl can slay at a party, too.
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Serena Williams is rumored to be carrying Drake's baby!
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Serena Williams is a champion at tennis. At romance? That's another story.
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Serena Williams lets out a victorious scream in this photo and for good reason: she's an Olympic champ!
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