Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Scott Speer made it out to a North Hollywood restaurant in order to celebrate Vanessa Hudgens' birthday. Gosh, he's tall!
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Oh there she is! Speer lost track of Tisdale when he looked over, but then remembered that he has to look way down there to see her.
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Ashley Tisdale has a lot to smile about. She recently took home the 'Best Female Performance' award at last nights MTV Movie Awards.
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Clad in a bikini, Ashley Tisdale tosses her hair back as she holds the hand of Scott Speer. These two make a very cute couple.
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Scott Speer and Ashley Tisdale try to get some privacy on the beach. That's a tall order, though, when you're as famous as these two are.
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Ashley Tisdale doesn't appear to wanna share her man with the paparazzi. She's seen here hugging Scott Speer.
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Scott Speer is really tall or Ashley Tisdale is really short. Either way, the couple is seen here on the beach.
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Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer spend their Fourth of July like any other couple in America: on the beach, holding hands.
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Some say overnight bag, some say purse -- final ruling: PURSE! Purses are so hot right now.
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Tisdale and Speer tried their hardest to avoid photographers yesterday as they strolled down the street hand in hand. It was shocking when walking attracted more paparazzi than driving.
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I guess he doesn't feel the need to comb his hair, since she will never see that high. One of the perks of being a freakishly tall...
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Speer and Tisdale Stroll
Scott Speer is a music video director. In 2007, he earned his first MTV Video Music Awards Latin America in México. He was honored... More »
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