Samantha Burke poses with a couple of other Hooters waitresses. Their faces have been blurred out. Presumably because they find working at Hooters is not how they want to be immortalized online.
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Samantha Burke used to work at Hooters. No idea of that's where Jude Law picked her up, but hey, we are not surprised either way!
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Samantha Burke and a couple of her fellow Hooters girls pose for a picture obtained by TMZ. Those guys are everywhere. Much like Jude Law's boys!
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A nice picture of Samantha Burke working at Hooters. You can't blame a girl for flaunting it when she's got it. Right?
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Samantha Burke is an aspiring model from Florida. She is said to be 24 years of age. Samantha Burke got knocked up by Jude Law in early... More »
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