Ryan Lochte goes shirtless at the London Olympics. Since he swims, this is a common occurrence.
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This is a great photo. One of the best if you ask us from all of the Summer games. Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimming champion and certified hunk, shirtless in the pool. You are welcome.
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We apologize, ladies. We know Ryan Lochte is wearing a shirt in this photo. But he's still attractive, right?
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Ryan Lochte hot? He sure is people. He sure is.
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Ryan Lochte rules the pool. He and Michael Phelps both do.
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Ryan Lochte shows off the goods in People's Most Beautiful issue. Sexiest Man Alive right there hands down.
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Ryan Lochte topless. Sorry there's not more of it to see here, but it is what it is people.
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Hottest Ryan Lochte picture ever, right ladies? Right.
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Well earned, Ryan Lochte. The Olympian shows off his Gold Medal after his very first event at the London Olympics.
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Ryan Lochte and K. Michelle are the subject of dating rumors. Here they are at the NBA All-Star game.
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Ryan Lochte is known for three things: his ability to swim, his body and this grill, which he enjoys flashing on the medal stand.
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Ryan Lochte has his own catchphrase. And that catchphrase is the word yeah only with a J. He makes this into a twitter hashtag too, and is looking to trademark it. Kind of douchey but we still like the guy.
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