We don't know why Rita even bothered with a bra. She's pretty well-exposed here.
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Rita shows off as much as you can while still wearing clothes. That's quite a valuable skill.
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Rita Ora shows a lot of leg here at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. What do you think of her dress?
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Rita Ora was not nominated for an Academy Award. But she still showed up for the event.
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Rita Ora dated Rob Kardashian for a very long time. But sources say she then cheated on him.
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Rita Ora posted this photo to Instagram. It was snapped during a vacation in Dubai.
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Rita Ora shows off a bit of cleavage in this photo. Stare away, fellas!
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Rita Whora was a trending topic on Twitter this week, reportedly because she cheated on Rob Kardashian with 20 dudes.
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