Rihanna and Drake perform at the Grammys. Hot couple ... of musicians.
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Rihanna performs here on the American Idol season 11 finale. She's singing the track "Where Have You Been."
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It's safe to say this much about Rihanna: she keeps her fans guessing. The artist changes up her look on a weekly basis.
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Rihanna parties at Coachella. That appears to be weed on some guys head that she is riding.
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Rihanna poses in a swimsuit for Barbados Tourism efforts. Great ad for generating interest.
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Rihanna poses for a French fashion magazine. She's certainly not a shy girl.
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Rihanna hands with the German Men's National Team. Seems like she spent more time holding the Cup than any of the players!
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Rihanna performs live in Abu Dhabi. As you can imagine, this was met with mixed reactions.
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Rihanna is rumored to be dating Steven Klein. The two were seen partying together at this year's British Fashion Awards.
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Rihanna lands at LAX on January 8th, 2016 wearing a pair of headphones and sunglasses.
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Rihanna's house looks similar to Kanye West's home before Kim K got her hooks in him. The Pacific Palisades house cost $12 million.
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You gotta love how Rihanna dresses for concerts. Even more ridiculously than she dresses for day to day life, it turns out!
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Rihanna Biography

Rihanna in England
Rihanna is a young, hot and successful R&B singer who hails from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is an artist signed to Def Jam... More »
Saint Michael, Barbados
Full Name
Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna Quotes

I get asked about it all the time and I’m like, You’re asking, but you know the answer. I don’t even like to address it anymore.

Rihanna [on rumors that she dated Jay-Z]

Sometimes you just need your privacy. But it comes with the territory. There's no privacy when you are out in the public.