Rick Ross, photographed as he often is with a giant ass cigar in his mouth.
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Hang in there, Rick Ross. The rapper actually suffered two seizures in one day in October of 2011.
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Rick Ross is one tough dude. He suffered a seizure and blacked out on a plane in October 2011, but recovered the same day and said he wanted to perform.
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Drake's Instagram photo from the music video set of "No New Friends." That pose and those clothes have inspired a meme.
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Rick Ross arrives here for the 2012 BET Awards. The rapper got into it with Young Jeezy at the event.
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Rick Ross, a.k.a. Ricky Rozay, doing his thing live. Guy is a character for sure.
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Rick Ross raps away here in concert. Are you a fan of the artist?
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Ricky Ross was almost killed this morning in a drive-by.
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Rick Ross is a veteran rapper who has sold millions of records. Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group, on which he released... More »
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