Rebecca Black took to the stage on the 8/10/11 results show of America's Got Talent. Ironic, we know.
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Rebecca Black poses here at the Teen Choice Awards. Who knew one YouTube video could make one so famous?!?
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You didn't think "Friday" was all we'd ever hear from Rebecca Black, did you? The singer released a new single in July of 2011.
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Rebecca Black is a young, very bad singer. She shot to fame via YouTube and the single "Friday."
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Yes, Rebecca Black is still around. She's posing here at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.
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Rebecca Black stands proudly here at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. She's hard at work on her next album.
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Looking cute, Rebecca Black! The singer is posing here at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.
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Rebecca Black has come out with the track "Sing It." This is the official cover art for it.
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Don't worry, Rebecca Black was not nominated for any Grammy Awards. But she still walked the red carpet of the event.
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Will Rebecca Black ever be taken seriously as an artist? The young singer really, really hopes so.
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Hey, Rebecca Black is still around! And here she is at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.
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Rebecca Black shot to stardom in March of 2011 by releasing a song titled "Friday." It quickly earned millions of hits on YouTube, mostly... More »
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