Most people's favorite images of Kim Kardashian and Ray J involve him riding that booty 'til the cows come home. But here they are in an older picture clothed, actually. Wild.
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Poor Ray J. He finds himself back in the new for all the wrong reasons: he was dating Whitney Houston before she died.
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Who doesn't love Ray J? Kim Kardashian certainly did, on camera, for all of us to see.
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Ray J and Sophie Monk pose here at the Prince Reigns Product Launch Party at Voodoo Beach. The event took place at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.
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Ray J and Princess Love in happier times. That's a nice top Princess.
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Ray J hosts a party here at Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas. In related news, we must ask: Really, Gallery Nightclub?!?
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Ray J looks like a cool dude in those sunglasses. Gotta give the man that.
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This is just Ray J being Ray J. Except his clothes are all on for a change.
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