Ray J and Sophie Monk pose here for a new Prince Reigns campaign. Each made $1 million for representing the company.
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Kim Kardashian checks her equipment before being entered by Ray J. The entire encounter was captured on video tape, of course.
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Ray J is totally tapping the (very large) ass of Kim Kardashian in this photo. Look away, Reggie Bush. Look away now!
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We adore Ray J. This is a photo of him and his sister, Brandy, in New York City.
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Ray J and Princess Love are two peas in a pod. Often a naked pod.
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Ray J will be okay, people! He was hospitalized in May 2012 due to fear of a blood clot, but nary a blood clot was found.
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Ray J cleans up pretty well. He smiles at the camera in this photo of the occasional singer.
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Yup, Ray J is back there somewhere. Don't worry about him. For now, let's focus on the pure ecstasy expressed by Kim Kardashian as the video camera catches all the action.
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Pic of Ray J We love Ray J! He was the Kim Kardashian sex tape partner and has turned that video into a full-fledged career that involves... being... More »
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