Thank you, Complex! The magazine has run a photo spread focusing on Rachelle Leah.
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Mmm. Nice picture, isn't it? We do what we can here at The Hollywood Gossip. Rachelle Leah naked would be a nice treat to come home to. Or into.
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We can't get enough of Rachelle Leah nude. With a body like this, can you really blame us for that assessment? Come on, guys.
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Rachelle Leah is quite beautiful. You can see her wearing nothing but her birthday suit in the November 2008 issue of Playboy.
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Does someone wanna tell Rachelle Leah that her clevage is showing? Anyone? No? Okay, good. Neither do we.
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Rachelle Leah is seen here in one of several naked photos from the November 2008 issue of Playboy. The model and UFC All-Access is host has a body that men dream about.
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Rachelle Leah is seen here in a photo from Complex magazine. She posed for that publication in the fall of 2009.
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Rachelle Leah is hot in any capacity. But a Rachelle Leah nude picture? Try to contain yourselves, fellas. She may be riding a ball here, but your own don't need to make an appearance at work.
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Take our word for it: Rachelle Leah is naked in this photo. It's courtesy of her November 2008 spread for Playboy.
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We've gotta start watching UFC fights more often. Rachelle Leah hosts a pre-fight show before each pay-per-view.
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Rachelle Leah is best known for her work with the UFC. But she'll likely be best known for her work in Playboy after she poses nude for the magazine.
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Here's the cover of the November 2008 issue of Playboy. That's Rachelle Leah posing on it, the host of UFC All-Access on Spike TV and a certified hottie.
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Rachelle Leah Biography

Rachelle Leah, Playboy
Rachelle Leah was an Octagon Girl for the UFC. In other words: she wears very little clothing and she holds up the cards signifying which... More »
San Carlos, California
Full Name
Rachelle Leah San Filippo

Rachelle Leah Quotes

I do whatever I enjoy. That's just what life's all about.

Rachelle Leah

I got jumped in ninth grade. Ten girls started grabbing my hair and beating me. If those girls from ninth grade came back, I'd hold my own

Rachelle Leah