Are Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry about to break up? British tabloids are reporting on the demise of this lovely couple.
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Kate Middleton and Prince Harry at the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London, England. These two are ambassadors for their native country.
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This is Prince Harry of Wales. Also known as The Spare. What a hunk!
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Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton wave to admirers at the Olympics in London.
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Kate Middleton and the two princes welcome the Olympic Torch to Buckingham Palace in this photo. We ought to be seeing a lot of them at the Games.
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Prince Harry urges calm. You best listen, too. He is a prince, after all.
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Prince Harry partakes in military training in the U.S.
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Prince Harry is the spare. That's his nickname. Harsh, but funny and kind of totally true!
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Look at Prince Harry's hair. And his expression. What do you think he's reacting to?
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Prince Harry. Always the man, sometimes a party fouler.
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Prince Harry in his military uniform in 2010. He's excited to get back to active duty, reports say.
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Prince Harry on the cover of Us Weekly. Wild nights indeed.
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