Pink rocks a mohawk in this red carpet photo. What do you make of it?
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Pink performs Down Under in this photo. She's a major hit in Australia... and around the world.
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Pink recorded a verse for the new "We Are the World." All profits benefit victims in Haiti.
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Pink has lost a total off 55 pounds, the singer says in this issue of Shape. She looks amazing!
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Looking gorgeous, Pink! The singer strikes a beautiful pose here at the 2014 Grammys.
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After a strong craving for sushi hits, Pink makes a run to Nobu in Malibu for a late night snack.
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This is a picture of Alecia Moore. You might know her a lot better as the pop star Pink.
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Pink showing off her long hair. What do you think of it?
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Well, it's not really a nipple slip when it's just a full frontal shot of her boob hanging out in concert. But hey, it's still a boob shot, with the nipple area exposed. Word.
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You gotta at least admire Pink for not caring what others think. She donned this outfit at the 2010 Grammy Awards.
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When Pink wants sushi, she gets sushi. The star was seen at Nobu in Malibu late Wednesday for dinner.
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Pink wore this outfit while performing at the Grammy Awards. There's very little to even say to about it, isn't it?
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