Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood are all over each other. Dancing with the Stars style, anyway.
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson has huge boobs. Damian Whitewood is new to Dancing with the Stars. Good luck to this pairing!
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson has posed for Playboy. Yes, again. This is her 13th cover on the magazine.
Rating: 3.2 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson poses at at art gallery in Miami. The vixen and her outfit drew more attention than any painting at the exhibit.
Rating: 3.2 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson models the Vivienne Westwood 2009 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Guess the designer likes tutus.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Is vampire chic in this season? Pamela Anderson models the look during Paris Fashion Week.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson goes full on nude in Purple magazine, baring all and rocking our world.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson walked the runway during a New York Fashion Week show. She wore this outfit while doing it.
Rating: 2.9 / 5.0

Pamela Anderson Biography

Pamela Anderson: Damn Hot at 40
Pamela Anderson is an actress who at least knows her role in life: show off your large breasts and don't take anything too seriously. She... More »
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Full Name
Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Anderson Quotes

I think she is a bitch and whore.

Pamela Anderson [on Jessica Simpson]

I just know I'm an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid to be found. I'm afraid not to be found.

Pamela Anderson