Note to Pamela Anderson: you wear sandals at the beach, not winter boots. Remember that for next time.
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It looks like Pamela Anderson's head is cold, hence the hat. But her legs must be arm, hence the lack of pants.
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson poses here for Vogue Brazil. The image is NSFW.
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood await word from the judges on Dancing with the Stars. They squeaked by yet again this week.
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The Playboy centerfold and PETA activist just turned 40 years old, and we just have to say, that body is still slammin' after all these years.
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Why do designers still hire Pamela Anderson to walk down a catwalk? That question may never be answered.
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Pamela Anderson had better hope for a surprise win on Dancing with the Stars. Woman needs money!
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That's Pamela Anderson. That's new boyfriend Jamie Padgett. And that's Pam's son. We're sure this wasn't awkward at all.
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Another day, another man for Pamela Anderson. Let's see how long she sticks by Jamie Padgett.
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Pamela Anderson returns to her beach-laden, Baywatch roots. She's seen here with her son and her boyfriend, Jamie Padgett.
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Stick that chest out with pride, Pamela Anderson. It's what made you famous to begin with.
Rating: 3.6 / 5.0
Pamela Anderson took part in New York Fashion Week by dressing like this. We hope no young children were present.
Rating: 3.6 / 5.0

Pamela Anderson Biography

Pamela Anderson: Damn Hot at 40
Pamela Anderson is an actress who at least knows her role in life: show off your large breasts and don't take anything too seriously. She... More »
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Full Name
Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Anderson Quotes

I think she is a bitch and whore.

Pamela Anderson [on Jessica Simpson]

I just know I'm an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid to be found. I'm afraid not to be found.

Pamela Anderson