Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood on Dancing with the Stars. What a tandem! Gotta give the bombshell her due.
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Pamela Anderson got her big break by starring on Baywatch. This is a promotional picture from that classic series.
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Pamela Anderson's cleavage is totally off the hizzook up in this club! Dizzamn! This trippy photo can't even distract from it!
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Look at that cleavage on Pamela Anderson. Goodness, that is something else. Sorry if we've just killed your work momentum.
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Pamela Anderson leaves little to the imagination in this picture. It's from the June issue of Vogue Brazil.
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This is a photo of Pamela Anderson from the January 2011 issue of Playboy. It's the 13th time she's posed for the publication.
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Pamela Anderson shows some serious cleavage. A little plastic surgery goes a long way. So does a lot of plastic surgery, in her case.
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Are you digging Pam Anderson with short hair? She rocks the look here.
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Pamela Anderson finished the New York City Marathon in under six hours. She then lay down for awhile, as you can see here.
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Pamela Anderson poses here at the Cannes Film Festival. She's looking great, isn't she?
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Let's give Pamela Anderson some credit in this photo. At least she's wearing a few pieces of clothing.
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Pamela Anderson doesn't need pants! The occasional actress proves as much in this public outing, as she attends an art gallery showing without half her outfit properly on.
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Pamela Anderson Biography

Pamela Anderson: Damn Hot at 40
Pamela Anderson is an actress who at least knows her role in life: show off your large breasts and don't take anything too seriously. She... More »
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Full Name
Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Anderson Quotes

I think she is a bitch and whore.

Pamela Anderson [on Jessica Simpson]

I just know I'm an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid to be found. I'm afraid not to be found.

Pamela Anderson