Orlando Bloom has been cast in The Hobbit. He'll reprise the role of Legolas.
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Orlando Bloom has a hearty laugh in this photo. It was snapped during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.
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A nice picture of Orlando Bloom. There are many such pictures but we particularly like this one.
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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom lie on the steps of their hotel in Cannes in 2016.
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Orlando Bloom cuts loose in this amazing GIF. He's dancing around to "Happy" during a party in Spain.
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Orlando Bloom walks the red carpet at the UK premiere of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2'. He looks great in all blue!
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Selena Gomez in a photo with Orlando Bloom, Seth Rogen and a lot of jealous from Justin Bieber.
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Orlando Bloom is chilling in Cannes in this photo. He looks rather dapper, wouldn't you say? We would.
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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr make for one very good looking couple. The actor and the Victoria's Secret model have been dating for a few months.
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Justin Bieber who?!? Orlando Bloom doesn't seem bothered by his rival, or much of anything, during this "Happy" dance in Spain.
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Just say no to Orlando Bloom, people. Just say no.
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Orlando Bloom came out for the 2010 National Movie Awards. The event was held in London, England.
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