Kim Kardashian takes in New York Fashion Week with her daughter and her husband by her side. They're a pretty cute family, huh?
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North West looks sort of annoyed in this photo, huh? Even Kim Kardashian admits that.
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SO CUTE! Look at how North West is helping Kim Kardashian put on some makeup as a finishing touch.
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It's Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.
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Kim and Nori hanging out at Fashion Week. Apparently, they enjoy the occasional mother-daughter staring contest.
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Kanye West hosted a show at NY Fashion Week. Shockingly, his 20-month-old daughter was not entertained.
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It's a new photo of North West! Kim Kardashian does have herself one cute daughter, huh?
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It's a photo of North West and Kim Kardashian's stylist. This is definitely one cute baby!
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