Sometimes when girls get drunk, they get really, really open about their bathroom habits.
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This is Snooki nude. Allegedly. Who knows, really, if this pic is real. Besides Snooki herself. She could probably verify it.
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Snooki got cold-cocked on the previous episode of Jersey Shore. Here, the gang tends to her.
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Put the Jersey Shore cast and Mike Tyson together and what do you get? Pure humor if you ask us.
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That would be Snookie from Jersey Shore. Her real name is Nicole Polizzi and she spells her nickname Snooki, we think. But Snookie still gets the (trashy) point across.
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Brad Ferro knocks Snooki from Jersey Shore the f--k down. That's gotta hurt. He's a jackass who should be locked up for hitting a girl, but at the same time, if you had to pick a girl to ... never mind.
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Nicole Polizzi is best known as "Snooki," of course. And not only because of these breasts, trust us.
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Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki. What a sight to behold.
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Snooki Polizzi
Nicole Polizzi is a cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore. She fake-tans and acts like a bit of a skank. Then again that sums up the whole... More »
Poughkeepsie, New York
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