Harlow Madden and her mother Nicole Richie look positively adorable as they do some shopping in New York in February 2009.
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Nicole Richie strikes a pose here at the American Music Awards. Do you like her outfit?
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In honor of ThrowbackThursday, Kim Kardashian posted this picture of herself and Nicole Richie when they were young. AWWW!
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Gwyneth's selfie with some of her celebrity friends. She sure loves other famous people.
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Nic as in Nicole Richie, that is. Not to be confused with that douche Nik Richie who runs that website.
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Yes, Nicole Richie is pregnant. After all of the rumors flying that she is carrying the baby of Joel Madden, it's revealed to be the case, like, for real. Poor unborn child.
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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are engaged! Congratulations to the happy couple!
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Nicole Richie Biography

Nicole Richie Mug Shot Nicole Richie is the daughter of... wait, where did she go? Nicole? Hello? Anybody hear us? Oh, there you are - almost lost sight of... More »
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Nicole Richie

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He is a good man, he is cool. He is just a great person overall.

Nicole Richie [on Barack Obama]

Nicole Richie: I’m 26. I’ve definitely had a very eventful year. So right now, it’s about me enjoying my time with my daughter. I want five children: twin boys and three girls. I’ve wanted that since I was a little girl.