She said yes! Michael Phelps rolls around here in the snow with Nicole Johnson, posting this photo online as confirmation of the couple's engagement.
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Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps have been spotted out and about throughout the summer of 2008. Here they are at some bar together, looking cozy.
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Nicole Johnson poses for a selfie. The former Miss California updates her Instagram page quite frequently.
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Nicole is the one in the black and pink. Not hard to see what Michael Phelps sees in her!
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Nicole shared this photo on her Instagram page. Looks like someone is a little under-dressed for the party.
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Nicole and Michael mugging for the camera. They certainly make a cute couple.
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Nicole is ready for some football! The future Mrs. Michael Phelps posted this photo of herself sipping some coffee and rocking a Peyton Manning jersey.
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Nicole and Michael enjoying a moment together. The Olympian and former beauty pageant contestant recently announced that they're engaged.
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Nicole Johnson Biography

Nicole Johnson, Michael Phelps Nicole Johnson appears to have dated Michael Phelps. This brunette beauty finished as one of 15 finalists at the 2007 Miss California... More »
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Nicole Johnson