Nic Cage is sort of the man. And sort of a crazy man.
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Nic Cage is looking pretty pulled together here.
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Good ol' Nicolas Cage. Dude is always good for one crazy story or another.
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Nic Cage is a bit of a crazy man. Who knew!
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Nicolas Cage's mug shot from April 2011, when he got popped in New Orleans for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. Wild stuff.
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Nicolas Cage is so broke, he can't even afford to shave that goatee. Just kidding. That's probably by choice.
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No joke: Nicolas Cage really is sporting a blonde mullet in this photo, taken at a press conference to promote the movie Kick-Ass.
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Nicolas Cage has pledged his heart to three woman via marriage: Patricia Arquette (1995-2001), Lisa Marie Presley (2002-2004) and current Alice Kim in 2004.
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