This Nicki Minaj nip slip is an all-timer. Check it out and see what you think.
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Safe to say Nicki Minaj isn't shy, huh? Take a look at this selfie the singer posted online in late September of 2014.
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Nicki Minaj twerking like a woman possessed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards!
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Nicki has been posting some seriously sexy selfies lately. It's best if you try to avoid the box of donuts.
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Nicki Minaj posed for Terry Richardson recently. As you might expect, the result is a curvaceous feast for the eyes.
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It's the Pink Print 2. Pro tip: put your phone down for a sec when you're posing for a sexy pic.
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Did Nicki Minaj post yet another nip slip on Instagram? That's what some eagle-eyed fans believe.
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Granted, this is not the real hair of Nicki Minaj. But she the singer can pull it off, can't she?
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Nicki Minaj is a character, that's for sure. She poses her for V magazine.
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This is Nicki Minaj. She's a raper who has yet to produce an album, but she gets a lot of headlines lately for some reason.
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Nicki Minaj is officially a mega superstar. She poses here in the magazine BlackBook.
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Nicki Minaj poses here in BlackBook. She's featured in the March 2011 edition of that magazine.
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Nicki Minaj Biography

Drake and Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj rose to fame in 2010. The Trinidad and Tobago native released the album "Pink Friday" in November of 2010 and watched as it... More »
Trinidad and Tobago
Full Name
Onika Tanya Maraj