Nicki Minaj takes to New York City for this live performance. She is performing at Rockerfeller Plaza as part of the Toyota Concert Series.
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Nicki Minaj invites followers into the shower for this intimate Instagram photo. Very intimate, we should say.
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Nicki Minaj is on stage here in Sri Lanka. The artist is very popular in that part of the world and posted this photo to Instagram.
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Check out the official art work for "Starships." Nicki Minaj released this single in February of 2012.
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Nicki Minaj covers King magazine here. The rapper had an incredible year in 2010, didn't she?
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Nicki Minaj covers her breasts while taking a shower. Good thing, too. She doesn't want to show too much skin.
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Whoa there! Get a room, Nicki Minaj and Drake! Kids could be reading this.
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Whoa there, Nicki Minaj. The singer makes the signal for oral sex in this Twit pic.
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Nicki Minaj Biography

Drake and Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj rose to fame in 2010. The Trinidad and Tobago native released the album "Pink Friday" in November of 2010 and watched as it... More »
Trinidad and Tobago
Full Name
Onika Tanya Maraj