Neil Patrick Harris is under fire for this Super Bowl commercial still. Some believe he is mocking Christianity with it.
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Neil Patrick Harris played Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Who doesn't adore this guy?!?
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Following his Birdman tribute, Neil Patrick Harris actually introduced the next set of presented in his underwear. Talk about going to any length for a laugh!
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Gotta love Neil Patrick Harris. What a guy.
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We love Neil Patrick Harris! The guy is hilarious. He's photographed here at the premiere for Star Trek.
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Neil Patrick Harris was in charge of the 2013 Emmy Awards. How do you think he did as host?
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Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry on How I Met Your Mother. What a great pairing this is going to be.
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Neil Patrick Harris poses here at the 2014 Grammy Awards. He's looking quite dapper.
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