Myla Sinanaj is taking it from behind in this sex tape still. She says her lover in the video took her "butt virginity."
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Myla Sinanaj poses here for her sex tape. The Z-lister says she can do better than Kim Kardashian.
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Myla Sinanaj has come out with a sex tape. Take this, Kim Kardashian! We guess.
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Myla Sinanaj is the Anti-Kim. So she brags in her sex tape, a still image from which we've posted here.
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Myla Sinanaj enjoys a quiet, light moment before getting waxed and taxed on her sex tape. Ooooh yeah.
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Myla Sinanaj in a bikini pic from Twitter. That is some BADONKAGE right there!
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Myla Sinanaj poses here in a bikini. The giant-breasted brunette often has sex with Kris Humphries.
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Myla Sinanaj has odd taste in men. This hotel employee is pregnant with Kris Humphries' child.
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Myla Sinanaj snapped this photo of herself and put it on Facebook. She has reportedly seen Kris Humphries naked.
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Farrah Abraham and Myla Sinanaj are (or were) actually friends. This is pretty hilarious.
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Myla Sinanaj rocks some serious cleave on Instagram. Girl loves to make like Kim K.
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Myla Sinanaj prepares to get down and very, very dirty in her sex tape.
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Myla Sinanaj Biography

Myla Sinanaj Facebook Photo
Myla Sinanaj is a hotel employee in New York City. She dated Kris Humphries for a few months and then found herself embroiled in his... More »
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Myla Sinanaj