Molly Sims is one attractive woman. And soon to be a mom it turns out!
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Molly Sims is very, very good looking. She got married in late September of 2011.
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We love blue bathing suits!
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Molly Sims looking hot as bejezus in a bikini. Great photo.
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Kim Kardashian and Molly Sims are ready for their close-ups. This photo was taken at Elton John's Oscar viewing party.
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This is a nice photo of Molly Sims. She is quite pretty. And engaged now!
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Molly Sims does not star in Breaking Dawn. But she did come out for the premier.
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Molly Sims poses here at the Vanity Fair-sponsored Oscars party in 2015. She became a mother for the second time about six weeks later.
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