Mitt Romney campaigns for the Presidency in this photo. Does he have your vote?
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Mitt Romney is just 13 days from possibly being elected President of the U.S. Who would've guessed.
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This awesome spoof of the Mitt Romney Newsweek "Wimp" cover fashions the Republican presidential candidate as a blimp instead ... full of hot air and all.
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Are you looking at the next President of the United States? Mitt Romney hopes so.
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President Obama and Mitt Romney debate in Denver on October 3, 2012.
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President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney meet for lunch in the White House. On to be a fly on that Oval wall.
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Mitt Romney stands here alongside Ann Romney as the pair are awkwardly endorsed by Donald Trump (not pictured).
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Mitt Romney could very well be the next president of the United States come January 2013.
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Mitt Romney wants to be elected President in 2012. The former Governor of Massachuetts is challenging Barack Obama for that lofty... More »
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Willard Mitt Romney