A beautiful picture of Miranda Kerr naked. Why, we cannot say. What compels a woman like this to get nude so often? We have no idea. Not that we're complaining. We can say you will not be disappointed.
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Thank you, Harper's Bazaar! That magazine has posted this photo of Miranda Kerr naked.
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GQ features a slew of Victoria's Secret models in its Summer 2008 issue, and you won't see us complaining about it, we promise.
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Miranda Kerr has posted this photo of herself on Instagram. We'd like to thank her very much for doing so.
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Miranda Kerr gave birth just a few months before this photo was taken. Crazy and amazing, we know.
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Miranda Kerr is looking kind of gaunt here. Wow, girl. Gotta eat some more steaks.
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Is Miranda Kerr the Sexiest Woman Alive? Esquire has dubbed her as much.
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Miranda Kerr in the new issue of V Magazine. Goodness, what a beauty.
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Justin Bieber posted this photo on Instagram to taunt Orlando Bloom. He totally banged Miranda Kerr!
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Miranda Kerr strikes a lovely pose in this Instagram photo. Call us crazy, but we think the model looks great in a bikini.
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Miranda Kerr in Interview Magazine, looking hotter than ever.
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Miranda Kerr in a bikini on Instagram. You've got to love this photo.
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Miranda Kerr Biography

Miranda Kerr Nude Miranda Kerr is a very good looking model. And she's used those looks - along with some personality, we imagine - to go on a few dates... More »
Miranda May Kerr
Full Name
Gunnedah, Australia