Mike Tyson's booking photo, or mug shot as some like to call it, in November 2007. Mike Tyson will be serving a quickie lil' sentence for drug charges. Not like the years at a time he used to serve for raping people. Wacko.
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In this wonderful addition to our celebrity mug shots club, former boxing champ and deranged lunatic Mike Tyson is hauled into jail yet again. We await his next mug shot, eagerly.
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Yes, this really is a photo of Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber. The pair trained together for a brief session in May 2012.
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We know. We're as weirded out and confused as you, trust us.
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Mike Tyson has found true love. He is pictured here alongside Lakiha Spicer.
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Yeah. Mike Tyson? Not a normal human.
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Mike Tyson looks like his usual crazy self in this photo. The guy has a face tattoo, after all.
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Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer are married. They seem like a surprisingly nice, normal couple!
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Mike Tyson showed up at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. We're not sure why.
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Mike Tyson was on hand for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. It's unclear why.
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Mike Tyson at a red carpet event. No matter how dressed up he gets, the dude has a huge tattoo on his face.
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Mike Tyson. Gotta love a guy who is now basically a caricature of himself.
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