Is that the President of the United States and the First Lady? Or is it just wax replicas of both?
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A nice new photo of Michelle Obama and Bo the White House Dog. Aww.
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Michelle Obama's bangs: Fan? Not a fan?
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The Obamas. What a couple!
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Michelle Obama is so beautiful and classy. Whatever your political leanings, you gotta agree on that.
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Michelle Obama as a wax figure doesn't look all that realistic. But hey, what can you do.
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Barack and Michelle Obama visit The View in September 2012.
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President Barack Obama takes a selfie with world leaders at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.
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Michelle Obama's prom photo. That is pretty outstanding.
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The New Yorker cover of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama that caused such a stir during the campaign. That terrorist fist-jab will do it every time.
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Michelle Obama is suddenly a quasi actress in demand. She has booked guest-starring gigs on Nashville and Parks and Recreation.
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Michelle Obama and Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Pretty funny.
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Michelle Obama Biography

Barack and Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States, and the wife of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. She is the... More »
Chicago, Illinois
Full Name
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama