What appears to be a German Shepherd mix of some kind really gives it to Michael Vick in this amusing, slightly disturbing doctored pic. If Michael Vick were to meet this fate, however, few would shed tears.
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Check out this classic photo of Michael Vick.
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This is one of Michael Vick's booking photos. A booking photo is the same as a mug shot, just another name for it. We couldn't call this pic "Michael Vick mug shot" in our gallery because that entry was always taken. Never a good sign for somebody if that's the case.
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Michael Vick arrives back in court to plead guilty to dogfighting charges. On a state level this time. What a punk.
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Okay, not really - but you've gotta admit, this would be an awesome image for the cover of Mike Vick's new book.
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Michael Vick is the top dog in Philly. Wow, Daily News. We are impressed and repulsed at the same time.
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Michael Vick has come full circle and it's good to see. But is he sincere in his comments about wanting to own a dog again?
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Good ol' Michael Vick.
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Michael Vick Biography

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Michael Vick is the troubled, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, and a former All-American at Virginia Tech. The man... More »
Newport News, Virginia
Full Name
Michael Dwayne Vick