Michael Phelps stripped down for ESPN Magazine. He's one of several athletes to take it all off for the magazine.
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Taylor Lianne Chandler is Michael Phelps' alleged cougar girlfriend. This was sent to THG directly from a source claiming it's from her. Decide for yourself in this gallery!
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Taylor tried to make things up to Michael Phelps by sending him nude photos. It seems that didn't work.
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Michael Phelps is shirtless and ripped in the August 2012 issue of Details. Man is a hunk, what can you say.
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We caught you, Michael Phelps! Hard to deny that you're not dating Caroline Pal now, isn't it?
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Even Michael Phelps gets tired after a long day of shopping. He takes a break here, as girlfriend Caroline Pal looks on.
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It sure looks like Michael Phelps is dating Caroline Pal. The swimmer and his large-breasted girlfriend are seen here at the Los Angeles airport.
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Here's one of the first photos of Michael Phelps and girlfriend Caroline Pal in public. He's an Olympic champion. She's a cocktail waitress.
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