Like we said, Taylor and Michael Phelps' relationship was brief, but tumultuous. Here, TLC gets dramatic while discussing their time together.
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Taylor and Michael only dated for a few weeks. But based on texts like this, we're assuming their relationship was a stormy one.
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Michael Phelps and his girlfriend, Megan Rossee, pose for a cute photo. Alleged girlfriend, we should say ... guy's linked to every girl under the sun, and for good reason. Still, cute possible couple.
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Michael Phelps isn't just a great swimmer. He's one cool looking dude!
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Michael Phelps is a Sports Illustrated cover boy. He's pictured here, with a whopping eight gold medals around his neck.
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Taylor and Michael discuss their sexcapades from the previous night. Certainly sounds like she had fun.
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Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte: Who would you rather ... see on Dancing With the Stars? Or shirtless?
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Former Olympian Mark Spitz out for a round of golf. Back in 1972 he was 7 gold medals.
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Michael Phelps Biography

Michael Phelps Photo Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. He won eight gold medals - eight! - at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing,... More »
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