The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in 2008. He was looking a bit frail.
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Arnold Klein has been revealed as the biological father of Michael Jackson's three children. He was Jackson's dermatologist.
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This OK! Magazine cover photo of Michael Jackson crosses the line, in the opinion of some fans. Do you think the tabloid went too far?
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Are Paris, Blanket and Prince Michael Jackson living unsupervised in a house of horrors? One would think, given this Globe cover.
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Michael Jackson. The greatest.
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Michael Jackson in an old family photo shown during his wrongful death trial.
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This photo was taken the day Michael Jackson died, but the coroner who performed the autopsy. It was displayed at Dr. Conrad Murray's trial.
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Michael Jackson Biography

Michael Jackson mug shot
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, with the best-selling album of all-time and more than a dozen massive hits. After years of physical... More »
Gary, Indiana
Full Name
Michael Joseph Jackson