Melissa Joan Hart naked in her classic photo spread for Maxim. Well, sort of classic. It was like 10 years ago. But still, hotness.
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This Melissa Joan Hart bikini photo comes to us courtesy of Nutrisystem. And we thank them.
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Melissa Joan Hart is nude and pregnant in this picture. Gee, we wonder where she got that idea from?
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Melissa Joan Hart rocks a bikini pretty freaking hard - after dropping 42 pounds - on the cover of People magazine. Way to be, MJH!
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Melissa Joan Hart has released a new book. Inside the memoir, she opens up about her past drug use.
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Melissa Joan Hart appears here on the set of Extra. She's sharing a laugh with someone there.
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Mark Ballas teamed with Melissa Joan Hart on season nine of Dancing with the Stars. They got the boot after six weeks of dancing.
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Melissa Joan Hart posted this photo to Twitter and you can guess what it means, right? She's expecting her third child!
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Melissa Joan Hart at a recent movie premiere.
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