Melanie Brown is starring in a Vegas show called The Peep Show. The name says it all.
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Congratulations are in order for Stephen Belafonte and Melanie Brown. The couple is expecting its first child in 2011.
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Say hi to Nude Spice. Melanie Brown practices the art of striptease in the Las Vegas play Peepshow.
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Melanie Brown plays a major role in Peepshow. It's a Las Vegas production that, best we can tell, involves taking one's clothes off.
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Mel B was recently hospitalized for an overdose and is gearing up to divorce Stephen Belafonte, rumors say.
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Melanie Brown gave birth in early September 2011. As you can see here, she already has a book picked out to read to her new daughter.
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Former Spice Girl Mel B has reportedly walked out on her husband of seven years, Stephen Belafonte, amid rumors of domestic abuse.
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Mel B and Stephen Belafonte iin a sweet photo. Guess they aren't on the verge of filing police reports after all.
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Melanie Brown has sued Eddie Murphy for being a bad father to their daughter, Angel. She's also touring against as a Spice Girl. It's a... More »
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