VH1 reality star Megan Hauserman loves her some DUI. That's generally not a good thing.
Megan Hauserman is a drunk driver. Here's the booking photo that resulted from that revelation.
Why does Megan Hauserman deserve a reality show? Because she has large breasts and no inhibitions. That's pretty much it.
Megan Hauserman is a reality TV star that once posed in Playboy. That's a shocking combination, we know.
Megan Hauserman posed naked for Playboy in 2006. She has appeared on a number of reality shows, and will star in her own in 2009. She'll be vying for the attention of rich male suitors.

Megan Hauserman Biography

Megan Hauserman Nude
We adore Megan Hauserman. She represents everything reality TV should be about: unabashed desperation and nudity! The bust blonde has... More »
Boca Raton, Florida
Full Name
Megan Hauserman