Megan Fox recently posed for a racy selfie. A co-star took the pic on the set of her new film, Zeroville.
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Wow. A nude Megan Fox sits on a bath tub and makes guys everywhere drool. If it gets any hotter than Megan Fox nude, well, we haven't seen it.
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James Franco posted an unusual photo of Megan Fox to Instagram. Apparently, the actress is a "lesbian vampire" now.
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Megan Fox looks astounding in the New York Times. As she always does. Goodness. Wow.
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Megan Fox posed for the October 2008 issue of GQ. And she looks like this while doing it.
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Another Megan Fox naked picture! Granted, you can't see any of the goodies... but it's just nice to know they're there, isn't it? This actress is beautiful.
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Look closely. Look very closely. You can see a Megan Fox nipple, can't you? Eh, pretty close anyway.
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Megan Fox was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by readers of FHM. Over nine million of them wrote in and bestowed this honor on the actress.
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Megan Fox is very good looking. Newsflash, we know.
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For the movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Megan Fox dresses like a nun. Millions of guys just went to Hell for the thoughts in their heads. We're among them.
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Seen here in a retro bathing suit, Megan Fox poses for Allure magazine. Can't say we love the look. But can say we love the beautiful actress.
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Gorgeous actress Megan Fox graces the cover of some Italian magazine called Jack. We've never heard of it, either. But - boy, oh boy! - have we ever heard of Fox!
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Megan Fox Biography

Controversial Actress
Megan Fox is best known for her role in Transformers and, well, for being absolutely gorgeous. This is an actress on the rise. She often... More »
Megan Denise Fox
Full Name
Rockwood, Tennessee

Megan Fox Quotes

[It will ]be a badass movie. It's just going to be a popcorn-visual-spectacle, summer film.

Megan Fox [on Transformers 2]

I really enjoy having sex. I’m young and have a lot of hormones. I’m always in the mood.

Megan Fox