Matthew Morrison poses here for a Glee promotional photo. The talented actor can also sing very well.
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Matthew Morrison splashes around in the December 2010 issue of Details. This is a photo from that magazine.
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Hot diggity! No wonder Glee is such a big hit! Take a look at star Matthew Morrison on this magazine cover.
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Matthew Morrison poses here for the December 2010 issue of Details. He looks pretty good, doesn't he?
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Matthew Morrison cleans up rather well, doesn't he? You're looking at the Glee star at the Grammys.
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Matthew Morrison has gone with a buzz cut for the hot summer months. Do you like the new look? (Picture taken from <a href="">WhoSay</a>.)
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Matthew Morrison has gone from Broadway fame to mainstream acclaim. We adore him on Glee!
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We adore Matthew Morrison on Glee. The actor smiles for photographers here at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.
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Matthew Morrison has made a major name for himself on Glee. He's been signed, in fact, to Adam Levine's record label.
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Matthew Morrison stars on the hit show Glee. He's a handsome fella who tells it like it is!
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Matthew Morrison poses here on the red carpet. The actor has gone from Broadway to major success on Glee.
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Hooray for Matthew Morrison! He announced his engagement to Renee Puente in Juny 2013.
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